Aviemore Escape Rooms features in Escape Industry News

Our Escape Rooms in Aviemore featured in Industry News this month. We're excited to have our first escape room, The Bothy's Treasure, up and running over the last few weeks will lots for friends and families having fun finding the treasure. Everyone has needed some help to solve all the puzzles but we've had some great feedback on the room.

"Great time this morning hunting the treasure in the bothy room. we loved every minute of it and would definitely recommend. very friendly host."

"We really enjoyed our afternoon at the ‘Bothy' escape room. We have done a few and found this one is one of our favourites due to having many different activities to solve to complete it. The games master was very friendly and gave us a hint when needed."

"Thank you for such a fun afternoon, really got our brains going. Had a great time!"


We're very pleased people are enjoying our room and if you're looking for things to do in Aviemore please give our rooms a try.


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