Latest Escape Room News

The Space Race game at Aviemore Escape Rooms if now open. You can race in two teams against friends, family or colleagues to see who's the faster team and be selected to pilot a space ship to Mars .

Our Escape Rooms in Aviemore featured in Industry News this month. We're excited to have our first escape room, The Bothy's Treasure, up and running over the last few weeks will lots for friends and families having fun finding the treasure. Everyone has needed some help to solve all the puzzles but we've had some great feedback on the room.

After looking for a suitable location for some time, in late 2020, a unit at the Highland Home Centre in Aviemore, Scotland was put up for rental. Previously the unit was occupied by hot tubs. A relaxing activity, perhaps, but we had new ideas for the unit!

Coming soon to Aviemore, a new and unique escape room experience that is as good as any you might find elsewhere but is designed with a local Highland twist.


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